Sunday, September 7, 2008


We are preparing for our big fall US tour. These shows will probably be our last performances of 2008 as we're craving some time off to write new riffs so we can get a new record out next year and we have spent about eight months this year on tour, which is kind of a lot. All the dates are posted to the right. The poster above was done by Alan Forbes and we will have some 18x24" prints of it on the road with us. You can check out more of Alan's stuff here.

Also, we will have a limited version of our first 12" EP, Warship, with us.
Level Plane unearthed a box of vinyl with no covers so we decided to do a run of 100 screenprinted covers with special art. We will not be mailordering or holding these for anyone.

Warship EP limited cover, silver ink on black stock, limited to 100.

We recently shot a good amount of footage for our second video, for the song "Cavern of Mind", on a 30 foot high green screen and floor. The video will prove to be fairly mind-bending. More on this later.

The west coast tour with
Titan up to Total Fest in Montana was a blast. I think we spent about as much time partying in bodies of water as we did in clubs, which is an excellent ratio. Thanks to everyone who came out and raged and stuff. Some choice moments: